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TL Pride in Creativity

Thomas Lake is Creative

We take pride in the innovation and creativity of our students!

TL Pride in Learning

Thomas Lake students are lifelong learners

Our robust and engaging curriculum creates a passion for learning. 

TL Pride in Education

Thomas Lake provides world-class education

We are teaching our students to become successful 21st century scholars. 

Box Tops

Box Tops

Please collect and send in Box Tops or scan them in to help our school.

TL Pride in Exploration

Thomas Lake creates explorers

Exploration and critical thinking are corner stones of our educational journey at Thomas Lake! 

TL Attendance

Thomas Lake after-hours COVID-19 reporting

In the event that your student(s) will be absent, please notify the school as soon as possible. Leave the child’s name, date, detailed reason for absence and dates they will be gone. It is also helpful to include your child's teacher email as well.

COVID-19 Reporting

A welcome, respectful and inclusive neighborhood school

Fostering a positive, stimulating and engaging learning environment where students are encouraged to reach their full potential.